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Moving Forward After Brokenness

" bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair..."

Psalm 61:3

There was a time in my life when I felt unfulfilled. This unfulfillment led me into a season of brokenness. I would leave church feeling empty, alone, and uncertain; even after reading my bible, praying, or listening to a sermon. I was aware of who the Lord was; yet, I lacked a key ingredient; intimacy. I surrounded myself with a certain crowd and indulged in activities that only gave me temporary fixes. I soon learned that those momentary pleasures left me in an even worse state.

At this moment, I realized that what I was missing couldn't be found in friendships, careers, money, cars, or appearances. Gheesh, I felt as if the Lord was using the Holy Spirit to break the delusion that I was living my best life. I didn’t realize the Lord was only using my brokenness as an entry way into my heart. My “best life” wasn't ending, but beginning.

True intimacy began the moment I learned to empty myself and surrender my all to the One whom my soul was longing for in the first place.

It's almost like the Lord gave me a spiritual makeover. A makeover that re-crowns us with the essence of His glory. A glory that moves you into a posture of righteousness. A glory that shifts and orders your footsteps while peeling back the layers of life's calamity. A glory that holds the capacity to exchange His beauty for our brokenness. A glory that blankets you with a garment of praise. A glory that can only be experienced through INTIMACY!

I challenge you to ask yourself, “Am I ready to be gracefully broken while being re-crowned to a position of righteousness?” Be made whole, sis!


Lord help us to surrender our brokenness to your will. Touch us within areas of our lives that we’re afraid to uncover. Help us to embrace this new season of wholeness. Amen

Written by: Jannelle Slater

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