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Our Dreams Aren't "Pit" Dreams

The LORD is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made.

Psalm 145:13 (NIV)

Healing for my mom.
Successful life coaching business.
Become a well-known author.
To be a wife and mother.
Freedom from credit card debt.

Do your dreams look like this; an itemized list of your passions and purpose packaged into a god-size vision with extra bubble wrapping of wishes and prayers? I’ve had some of these dreams for more than 10 years and it seems like it won’t ever be more than just a dream. Perhaps, you don’t have a list. Your dreams are still on the shelf barricaded by the emotions of insecurity and fear.

I won’t lie to you. The dreams God writes on our hearts are too big for us. They are God-sized, God-birthed, and God-designed dreams. It cannot be done by our own efforts, but only by the operation of the Holy Spirit through us. But you know that already. You know God does the work through you, and that He will complete the work He started. So, what’s keeping us from dreaming and dreaming again?

For me, I stopped dreaming about the things on my list because of unbelief. I’ve sat in the waiting room for what seems like forever; waiting for my dreams to become reality. I questioned if God would truly come through. Worse than that, I questioned God’s goodness and faithfulness toward me. I questioned God’s character.

The “in-between” can do that. The time between God’s conception of a thing and the fruition of it can seem impossible; and the obstacles we face in the in-between can destroy our belief and question if God really gave you that dream in the first place. My hope for you today is to know that God has not forgotten you or forgotten the seed of purpose He’s placed inside of you.

From my own experience, I realized the pits of life fed into the unbelief that God didn’t care about my dreams. I recognized that every time a little hope would return inside me, the enemy would play the same strategy to get me to doubt God, give up on my dreams, and lose sight of Jesus in the pit.

A pit is a large hole in the ground, usually six or more feet down. It’s cold, dark, and lonely. Our spiritual pits could look like sickness, depression, or isolation. Whether these pits are man-made (created by our own doing) or dug up by the enemy as a trap, we cannot allow the hollowed emptiness to keep us down.

The enemy would want us to bury our dreams, passions, and hopes. But God wants us to hold onto our dreams no matter what pit we face. God will rescue us and pull us out. What will you be holding onto when you reach the top? Will it be God’s promises or the enemy’s lies about your Promise Keeper?

Scripture tells us that God is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He’s made (Psalm 145:13). That dream you have written down or that’s up on the shelf is God-given, God-birthed, and God-designed. It is His promise spoken, and He is not a god of lies, but of truth and trustworthiness. Our delayed dreams aren’t “pit” dreams. My friend, arise from the pit with His promises in hand; never letting go of His desire to see those dreams come to fruition for you. Our pits prune us for our future purpose. Hold on! Be encouraged! Keep dreaming!

Written by: Ashley K. Stovall

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