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The Center of My Joy

“But the angel reassured them, saying, “Don’t be afraid, for I have come to bring you good news, the most joyous news the world has ever heard! And it is for everyone everywhere! 11For today in Bethlehem a rescuer was born for you. He is the Lord Yahweh, the Messiah.”

Luke 2:10-11 TPT

I used to think that joy only existed in my life when I was happy, and things were going the way that I wanted them to. I’ve come to learn that true joy is more like a state of being than an emotion. It is the result of a choice despite our circumstances.

There were times in my life when I looked forward to the holiday season. It was a joyous time for me when I would get together with the people that I loved and cared about to celebrate, have great food, and exchange gifts. However, as the years went by, the holidays became more like a chore and something that I dreaded instead of celebrating.

During the time my children were young, I parented by myself, which became more and more expensive over time. I would have feelings of guilt, sadness, and depression because I couldn’t afford to buy my children everything that they wanted for Christmas. I felt like a failure and that there was no one that I could talk to about my situation. I didn’t want people to think of me as a “bad mother”.

At one point, the shame was so great that I cried out to GOD, and I remember hearing the Lord say, “You ARE a good mother. My grace is sufficient for you”. Through this encounter, GOD allowed me to realize I had lost sight of the true reason for the season…Jesus! Jesus came to earth to save all peoples and nations.

We focus so much on the fact that Jesus died for us that we forget the fact that He is alive and is our living joy!

He is the greatest gift that we didn’t ask for or deserve. We can take joy in knowing that because of Jesus we have life and life more abundantly.

Despite what we may be going through in this season: tough times, trials, sickness, grief, financial troubles, Jesus should always be our focal point. Our circumstances are not our final destination; they are just a season. Jesus longs to give us His joy and to wipe away our tears. So instead of being stressed or dread life, choose to embrace Jesus Christ. He is the reason for the season and the center of our joy! What does true joy look like for you?

Written By: Michellene Griffin-Ballard


Our Father, our GOD, our Maker, we thank You for being GOD.Thank You for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who came to save us all that we would have, not just joy, but abundant joy. We pray that we do not allow this season to make us dread life or have the spirit of sorrow, but allow us to embrace Jesus Christ as He is ALL that we need! We bind the spirit of depression, suicide, and suicidal thoughts in the mighty name of Jesus, and we lose the blood of Jesus against it. We declare and decree that we shall make Jesus the center of our joy both now and forever more in Jesus' mighty name we pray. Amen.

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